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Behind the Music

Ric Flo Diaghe wears many hats to amplify his artistic vision – from filming, editing and finessing keyframes as a Motion Graphic Designer, drawing with light as a Photographer and dropping bars as a Rap Artist, all while steering the ship at Mantra Music CIC, the world's first record label exclusively for care-experienced artists. 


Early in his professional career as a motion graphic designer, Ric desired a purpose beyond making PowerPoints move for a living.


Music has always been Ric's solace, tracing back to his early triumph at a Year 7 talent show. With a love for Hip-Hop coursing through his veins, he couldn't help but wonder if Hip-hop is the voice of the voiceless, why had he never heard music from the perspective of someone in foster care.


Growing up in the care system himself, Ric felt a calling to share his story through music, to paint a picture of life as a creative careleaver, unfiltered by stereotypes.


With his first rap project, Ric found his voice and discovered the profound impact music can have on underrepresented youth. He's since been on a mission, leading rap workshops across the UK, bringing the power of self-expression to those who need it most.


Alongside his rap collective, Jungle Brown, Ric has been blessed to perform at massive festivals like Glastonbury, Boomtown and Lovebox - independently without a label.  Supported U.S Rap acts such as De La Soul, The Pharcyde and EPMD. And recently had featured music in Guy Ritchie’s series - The Gentlemen.

Balancing his passion for music with a career in advertising hasn't been easy, but Ric's grateful for the flexibility freelancing brings, allowing him to solidify his purpose.


In 2023, Ric's dedication was recognised with the Inspiration in Music Award from the Music Producers Guild, a nod to his grassroots efforts with Mantra Music and the lives he's impacted along the way.

Solo Music :

Careleaver Label : Mantra Music CIC

Motion Graphics :

Photography :

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